Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday, July 19, 2009

I’ve started this to speak about a subject that interests me a lot –changing physical appearance using the power of your mind. That’s right. As long as you have a mind and you desire to look a certain way –well… good news - you can.

I don’t want this to sound too cliché – like… we all know about the great power that our mind holds and if we put our minds to work we can accomplish everything we want. Yeah... we all agree with that. Like a friend of mine was telling me : “ you can tell me about the most amazing and seemingly impossible thing… but if you add ‘ using the power of the mind’ to it, I’ll believe it “.

So , I'm not here to speak about using this power to win the lotto , find your soul mate or live a happy life.There are already thousands of pages written about the subject.
Instead I'm concentrating on using visualisation to acquire or improve some physical features.

There are no limits to what you can do: loose weight, increase breasts size,, get perfect abs, change eye color, change the shape of your nose, acquire that perfect skin that all movie stars seem to have :p and more.
Of course, everybody's different. Not all of us want to look the same way. Some would like to look like Marilyn Monroe, while some prefer the Marilyn Manson look :D

Now, this is about looking the way you desire. But what is the use of looking perfect when it only lasts for 10 years or so and then you get old?
So, I’m now trying to discover something else as well: immortality.
Better said: to be beautiful/handsome and young forever.

Now…I already have the prove that changing physical appearance can be done … but about the immortality what can I say? You can not quite prove that it can be done or not. Not until you die.. or don’t die.. and you’re 300 years old.

But there’s good news : you can make yourself look younger – of course using your mind.


Lucy said...

Hi. I was wondering what is your method?

fuck gmail said...

great blog. you have one fan at least

fuck gmail said...

Somehow I can't post comments in you blog 8|

ggl and gml bokk me said...

Nice blog. Keep it up ;)

ggl and gml b-lokk me said...

I'm trying to comment for the 4th time this week, if I succeed... great blog, keep it up ;)

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